Karlee Mackie

When given the chance to be 'live in action', 26-year-old Lennox Head painter come activist Karlee Mackie turns on her best, wowing her audience with each stroke of her paint brush. Utilising a variety of mediums Mackie's work depicts femininity at its most powerful, all the time empowering a distinct wisdom upon her subject matter. Constantly involved in all forms of activism (be it saving the whales to working with underprivileged children), Mackie is constant in her artistic nature and is very much her own Children Of The R.Evolution.


08/30/2012 - AGNES
07/10/2012 - AR4T
06/21/2012 - AR4T Edei & KALm
05/30/2012 - Untitled
05/30/2012 - Untitled
05/30/2012 - AMBER & KALM