Keala Kennelly

Keala Kennelly was born in Kauai, Hawaii surrounded by surfers. Keala's parents are both avid surfers who helped shape their daughter's interest in the sport by getting her in the water when she was barely old enough to walk. Growing up in Kauai, Keala learned how to rip hard early on so that she could keep up with her friends, the Irons brothers.

She turned pro at the age of 17 and in time made her way on to the WCT. While on the WCT she charged in heavy waves like Cloudbreak and Teahupoo. She was named World Title runner up in 2003 and was the first woman ever to tow-in to Teahupoo in 2005.

After tasting success on the WCT and garnering heaps of coverage in international magazines Keala decided to take a break from surfing when she learned that her favorite event had been dropped. She decided to pursue acting, a passion that she discovered while playing herself in Universal's major motion picture Blue Crush. In 2007 she was chosen to be a season regular on the HBO series John From Cincinnati. While filming in L.A. Keala also dedicated time to DJ'ing which she has done at events all over the world in places such as: Hawaii, France, Spain, the UK, California and Australia.