Luke Stedman

Now residing in Bali Indonesia, boasting five years experience on the WCT international surf star and style master Luke Stedman is a pro surfer dedicated to his chosen sport. Born and bred on the Northern Beaches of Sydney Luke grew up surfing Mona Vale and Avalon under the watchful eye and roof of his father and 70's surfer and board shaper Shane Stedman. Wrapping up the year of 2008 rated no.12 on the CT Luke suffered an early blow in 2009 keeping him from competing on the Championship Tour, he has stayed focused on yoga, training and staying on top of his physical and mental preparation for 2010. Fresh of an Australian East Coast tour, fathering a newborn and healing from the injury, Luke is ready for Hawaii and success in the new year.

Sounds/music: Anything with Josh Homme in it.

Sponsors: Electric Body Glove, Lee Stacey, Jetty Surf Gorilla Grip, Vertra and AERIAL7.

Influences: My whole Family and my Fa.

Favorite athletes outside your sport: Travis Pastrama, Shawn White and Beckam

What is your favorite year of age? The one im in now. They just keep getting better and better.

Which country do you like to eat in most? Indonesia cause it has the most variety but I like Italian in Italy the most.

What is the best piece of advice that anyone has ever given you? Go with your gut feeling.

What is your favorite animal? The whale.

What is your favorite movie? Snatch

What is your best pick up line? I'm horrible at this. I have no game.

Who would be your dream date? No need for me to dream, I got her.

Do you BYOB or do you show up and drink everyone else's? Always bring. Always. You messing with the code if you show up empty handed.

Dive Bar or Dance Club? Dive BAR baby!!!!!!!!


11/03/2009 - BUS FROM HELL
10/11/2009 - STEDS’ CALI GALLERY
07/25/2008 - A NIGHT ON THE GOON