TANK DIY with Karlee Mackie

Q and A

By Drew Brophy

  • What type of medium and techniques can you use on this product?
    This is your blank canvas designed for a variety of art techniques, the possibilities are endless. Paint with sprays cans, oils, acrylics and watercolors or draw with pencils, pastels, magic markers, pen and ink. You could also use nail polish or scratch a design into the plastic. There are no rules! I'm really interested to see what people come up with.
  • Do you recommend taking the headphones apart?
    It's not necessary to take them apart, however, the cushions come off easily. You could remove the cushions and either keep them white or paint them separately. Also, easily tape off the sections that you want to keep white, or paint different than other sections.
  • What part of the Headphones can you design on?
    You can paint just on the leather, the ear cups, or the headband, or you can paint the entire thing. Even the cushions can be painted!
  • Do you recommend spraying the headphones afterwards to seal the art?
    It depends on what you use. Some mediums may require sealing it with a Krylon clear spray, such as water-based paint pens, pencil or any medium that may smear. But other mediums, such as magic markers, would not need a clear spray, and sealing it might even smear it.
  • What happens if I mess up how can I fix it?
    It depends on what medium you are using. Some can be cleaned up, some cannot. I would suggest that you know the design you want first, sketch it on paper. Then test the medium in a small area first.

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