Like all headphones from AERIAL7, the Arcade children's headphone is made with fresh designs and quality materials along with a compact, adjustable headband. The Arcade is also infused with AERIAL7's Automatic Volume Reduction (AVR™) technology. AVR™ technology reduces maximum volume or sound pressure, without compromising sound quality. Let your child listen to crystal clear sound without distortion or excess exposure to noise. AERIAL7 complies with OSHA regulation standards so if the volume control gets bumped or turned up accidentally, it will automatically reduce the volume to 85db.


  • Engineered to deliver the highest-quality listening experience from your mp3 player, cell phone or other music device.
  • Equipped with AERIAL7’s Automatic Volume Reduction (AVR™) Technology.
  • Headband has been designed to fit children.
  • Soft, ear cushions for comfortable extended listening.
  • Battery included.


  • Driver Diameter: 40mm
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Frequency Response: 15-20KHz
  • Input Plug Diameter: 3.5mm

PTPA Winner's Seal of Approval

AERIAL7 is excited to announce that the Arcade Children's Headphone has been awarded the PTPA Winner's Seal of Approval. PTPA Media has North America's largest volunteer parent testing community, with over 40,000 parents and was rated the Most Trusted Seal by 22,000 parents. Consumers looking for high-quality products and services can rest assured when they see the PTPA Winner's Seal; it's evidence of a products excellence from having been evaluated by unbiased parent testers. Independent parent volunteers evaluate products in their own homes to ensure that PTPA winners are chosen based on merit and consumer experience - not on commercial considerations. As a result, the PTPA Media™ Seal has quickly gained recognition as an international leader in certifying consumer products for quality, effectiveness and value.